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The CYGNET PCN Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Call for Volunteer Support

SCRVSG CIC has been invited by the CYGNET PCN to lead the coordination and management of volunteer support for the implementation of the local Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.


The CYGNET Primary Care Network (PCN) comprises 5 practices covering the Gilberdyke, Goole (2), Howden and Snaith & Rawcliffe GP surgeries. They are working collectively in our area to deliver the national Covid-19 vaccination programme to over 42,000 registered patients - and they have to do it as quickly as possible.  They need some help to make this happen.

The PCN is to establish a central vaccination centre to cover its registered patient population, which will be operational by 1st December 2020.  The centre is to run in parallel with and without impact upon routine health care provided by GPs and Practice/District Nurses.  It's a big ask; over 42,000 patients to be invited to attend in a prescribed order to begin the process of immunisation against Covid-19.  Based in Goole, the vaccination centre will operate 7 days a week, between 0800-2000 (8.00 am to 8.00 pm).  All details of the venue will be announced in due course.  Each of the 5 practices will invite its registered patients to attend for immunisation by appointment. 

The PCN is aware that many people are keen to volunteer and coordinate action during these challenging times. If you would like to volunteer to support delivery of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme in our area, please complete the form at the link below.  SCRVSG CIC will coordinate the volunteer work force thereafter in much same way as we administered our very successful Community Support Service during the lock down earlier in 2020.

We now require volunteers who can act as "Marshalls" to direct patients attending for vaccination and help maintain adherence to social distancing standards whilst they await vaccination - "Hands - Face - Space".  Shifts will be 4 hours long, 0800-1200; 1200-1600; and 1600-2000.  Registration requires that we record who you are and your contact details, along with an outline of your availability and your consent to our waiver, exactly the same as Community Support registration.  The vaccination programme is an urgent national requirement and will likely run for several months until the population is protected.  As ever we are grateful to all volunteers for making themselves available and we look forward to working with you again.


Please note, this is a community response and you should continue, at all times, follow the advice being given by Public Health England: