Frequently asked questions


How do I start volunteering for SCRVSG?

.To get started, register as a volunteer on the SCRVSG website by clicking the button register as a volunteer. You will need to provide a recent photo of yourself for your ID card. Once registered one of the Directors will be in touch with you for a chat.

What sort of work is SCRVSG currently involved in?

We are currently offering volunteer support ot the town. Our Pandemic and Response Volunteers are on standby. In the event of a situation where we will need to call upon our volunteers the roles may include: Pandemic Support - Collecting and delivering shopping to those in self-isolation. - Collecting and delivering medications to those in self-isolation - Collecting and posting letters or parcels - Giving welfare calls to people who have requested some regular contact. Emergency Support ie Flooding -Filling and moving sandbags -Assisting residents at risk with moving belongings -Manning refuge and welfare centre Once the Coronavirus emergency has sufficiently passed we hope to help with the aftermath of the flooding emergency that happened in Snaith, Cowick and some surrounding villages.

Does SCRVSR have insurance cover for its volunteers?

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance with Zurich for £5M. This covers volunteers for the activities above - shopping, medication, post and welfare calls during the Coronavirus emergency. We are NOT insured to carry out other activities at the moment (such as dog walking and gardening for people). If we are asked to carry out tasks outside our insurance cover we must say NO but then we try and signpost them to other organisations that may be able to help.

How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

This is flexible and at the current time depends on your availability. Once your registration is confirmed you will be given shared access to the Volunteers Folder on Google Drive. You will find an updated Volunteer Shift Sheet to which you can add your name as a volunteer on call that day There are also one-off opportunities that require several volunteers to pack and deliver emergency food packages. A message will go out when we need this extra-help.

Will I be provided with PPE when I go shopping and delivering goods?

You will be provided with a bottle of hand sanitiser, gloves and facemasks. You will have access to the protocols we have drawn up for making deliveries and you will need to follow these and the government’s current guidelines, including advice on social distancing.

If I go shopping for someone, who pays for it and how is it paid?

We are providing the facility for residents to pay in cash, cheque or by BACS. Most of the time you will need to pay for the shopping and then claim it back. For cash payments this is usually done with residents on delivery and we have a protocol for this to ensure social distancing is maintained. If the resident pays by cheque or BACS you submit a claim to us and we can reimburse you either in cash or through a BACS payment directly to your account. Our system allows you to take a photograph of all receipts and we expect you to do this so we have a complete central record of all jobs completed.

Will I be paid for my time?

A volunteer is defined as someone who willingly gives up their time without pay to help people or the environment. As a volunteer, you will not get paid for your time but usually reasonable expenses you incur will be reimbursed. We do not want you to be out of pocket for being a volunteer.

Will volunteering affect my benefits?

Genuine unpaid volunteering should not affect any state benefits you receive. It is important that if you're on benefits you don't accept any payments other than at the exact cost. For example, if your mileage is 200 miles you can accept £80. If you are on Universal Credit you will still need to provide evidence that you are seeking paid work, available for job interviews and willing to take up paid work at a week's notice. It is best to keep in touch with the Job Centre about your volunteering so that they know you are keeping to the rules and are aware of your situation. For instance, if you are receiving Benefits for disability or incapacity you need to keep the hours of activity recommended by your doctor.

Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

Yes - However at the moment the tasks being undertaken require volunteers to be able to drive a vehicle and make deliveries to people’s homes in compliance with social distancing regulations.

Can I volunteer with a criminal conviction?

Criminal convictions don’t necessarily mean that you can’t volunteer, but they may limit the type of volunteering you can do. You will be asked if you have a recent or transferable DBS check. This is not required for most tasks we are carrying out. However there are a small number of jobs that we are doing for which a current DBS check will be required so it is helpful for us to know who these tasks can be assigned to.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

There is no legal age limit although we ask that you are at least 18 years old due to the nature of the work being undertaken during the coronavirus lockdown.

I've applied for a volunteer role but not heard anything. What should I do?

Please be patient. If you have any queries, please contact us on