"Ink to Help Think"


With the country back in lockdown we have dedicated a pot of funding to our "Ink To Help Think" project.


The project is to assist families who need some financial support in providing ink cartridges and paper to assist with home schooling. 

We understand that the cost of ink can sometimes be a huge burden and with ongoing financial constraints some families may not be able to afford to purchase ink for their printers.  


Welcome to project.... "Ink to help think"


We are now accepting applications from families that live within the areas of Snaith, Cowick and Rawcliffe to apply for support. 

We really want to make sure that the children living in our community have access to the facilities to help them learn.


All applications will be reviewed by our board of directors. If your application is approved, then we will provide you with: 1 black and 1 colour cartridge as appropriate for your printer, as well as a ream of A4 paper.

This will be ordered through one of our suppliers and  delivered to you by one of our volunteers. 

Hopefully this will help you and your children in some way throughout this lockdown, whether it is printing homework, printable study sheets or even blank colouring designs for the younger years.

Applications are only accepted from residents within one of the following areas: Snaith, East Cowick, West Cowick, Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge; regardless of where the children attend school or college.

To apply please click on the link below


Do You Need a Printer?

Is your printer broken beyond economical repair, or past its best years?  Unable to get ink for it any more? 

Thanks to several generous donors, we are now pleased to be able to invite requests for a printer, complete with ink cartridges, from those in need and unable to afford the price of a new printer.  We have second user printers to donate on a "first come first served" basis to deserving bona fide residents of our Snaith, Cowick and Rawcliffe communities.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the registration form on the link below and we will be in touch as soon as possible to advise on the status of your request.  Please note that we have a limited number of printers available and once that supply is exhausted we will place bidders on a reserve list.